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Top Five NFL Draft Eligible Quarterbacks

Unlike last year, the 2014 NFL draft is filled with quality talent at the Quarterback position early.  In fact, you can make the argument that there could be anywhere from 3 to 5 Quarterbacks taken in the first 15 picks.

Teddy Bridgewater - Louisville

Arguably the best at his position, Bridgewater is seemingly a lock to come off the board as the first Quarterback taken.  He offers a ton of versatility, can play in nearly any offensive scheme, and moves around the pocket well.  He does a nice job of escaping pressure when the pocket collapses and looks down field to make a play.  He's also able to make a play with his feet.  Of all the top Quarterbacks, Bridgewater is the best at making NFL-caliber throws.

However, I have several concerns with Teddy Bridgewater.  He holds onto the ball for far too long when he's trying to make a play from the pocket.  Coming from the Big East, and now the American Conference, Bridgewater has not faced elite defenses with the exception of the 2013 Sugar Bowl against Florida.  Additionally, Teddy Bridgewater will stare down receivers and throw into double coverage.

Brett Hundley - UCLA

The redshirt Sophomore from UCLA is the second on my QB Big Board.  Coming into the 2013 season, Hundley had a lot of growing to do, which it appears he has done.  He shows tremendous promise with his ability to make throws down field and read defenses.  He runs a bit of the read-option out of the pistol, which has made it's way to the NFL.  He's likely going to be the second QB taken off the board.

As a sophomore, he still has some growing to do.  So far this season, he's thrown 8 TD's and 3 INT's, a stat that may scare some scouts.  He may not be "NFL Ready" right away, but certainly shows the promise to become a franchise Quarterback at the next level.

Marcus Mariota - Oregon

First off, it's still unclear if Mariota will declare for the NFL.  Depending on how the draft order shakes out, it may be best for him to stay another year at Oregon.

If he does declare, he brings a level of athleticism rarely seen at the position.  He will draw some comparisons to Colin Kaepernick. He ran a lot of the read-option at Oregon under Chip Kelly, and now under Mark Helfrich. 

Marcus Mariota, like Brett hundley, is also a redshirt sophomore.  There's a lot of growth left for Mariota, but he has shown some promising statistics, like a 32-6 TD to INT ratio.

Tajh Boyd - Clemson

I'm not really sure how Boyd will translate to the NFL, but he is absolutely a unique prospect.  At Clemson, he runs quite a bit of screens and QB runs.  Almost a bit too much for my liking.  However, he is able to make reads down field and make the throws when tasked.

Tajh Boyd is a candidate to come off the board in the middle of the first round, if a slew of Quarterbacks are taken early.  Depending on what the final order looks like, he could be heading to a place like Minnesota or Philadelphia.

A.J. McCarron - Alabama

I have McCarron as the best overall "Pocket QB" in this draft.  He may not wow many scouts, but he has shown me that he's ready to play at the next level.  In my quick evaluation of him in my Texans article (available HERE ), I touched a bit on his growth from a "game manager" to the leader of the team.

He's likely to come off the board in the second or third round and sit behind someone for a year or two, but when his number is called, A.J. McCarron could be the biggest steal in the NFL Draft